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Preview: Cyber Force #8

cyberforce 08 -cover

Cyber Force #8 Story By: Marc Silvestri Art By: Marco Turini Cover By: Marc Silvestri Price: $2.99         STRYKER UNARMED What humanity remains of Morgan Stryker? Is he more man… or is he more a machine of…

Preview : East of West #9

east of west 9 -cover

East of West #9 Story By: Jonathan Hickman Art By: Nick Dragotta Cover By: Nick Dragotta Published: January 29, 2014           “HUNTER”   The Ranger and Death finally clash in the inevitable meeting of LAW and…

Preview: SAVIORS #2

Saviors 02 cover

SAVIORS #2 story JAMES ROBINSON art / cover  J. BONE JANUARY 29 32 PAGES / FC / T+ $2.99       Tomas’s safe, uneventful life is no more.  He knows aliens walk among us. As a result, Tomas is…

Preview: REVIVAL #17

Revival #17 cover

REVIVAL #17 story TIM SEELEY art MIKE NORTON cover JENNY FRISON JANUARY 29 32 PAGES / FC / M $2.99     Dana chases down an assassin, while Em wonders if she’s becoming an assassin. SECRETS ARE REVEALED! SOMEONE DIES!…

Preview: Saga #18

saga18 -cover

Saga #18 Story By: Brian K. Vaughan Art By: Fiona Staples Cover By: Fiona Staples Published: January 29, 2014         Our heroes’ stay on Quietus reaches its inevitable conclusion.  

Preview: The Bounce #6

Bounce #9 -cover

THE BOUNCE #9 story JOE CASEY art / cover DAVID MESSINA JANUARY 29 32 PAGES / FC / M $2.99       When the Darling hosts a dinner party, you’d better believe there’s something special on the menu! Meanwhile,…

Preview: Super Dinosaur #21

Super Dinosaur 21 cover

Super Dinosaur #21 Story By: Robert Kirkman Art By: Jason Howard Cover By: Jason Howard Published: January 29, 2014         The search for the cure for Derek’s mother takes him and Super Dinosaur to some interesting… and…

Preview: Invincible #108

Invincible 108 cover

Invincible #108 Story By: Robert Kirkman Art By: Ryan Ottley Cover By: Ryan Ottley Published: January 29, 2014         Angstrom Levy’s life hangs in the balance. Invincible to the rescue?    

Preview: Black Science #3

Black Science #3 cover

BLACK SCIENCE #3 story RICK REMENDER art / cover MATTEO SCALERA & DEAN WHITE JANUARY 29 32 PAGES / FC / M $3.50       Shell-shocked and battered, Grant McKay and his team are stranded on the front lines…

Preview: CLONE # 14

Clone 14 cover

CLONE # 14 Published: January 29, 2014 Story By: David Schulner Art By: Juan Jose Ryp Cover By: Juan Jose Ryp         “NO MERCY” When America’s war against the clones reaches a fever pitch, can Luke lead…