Rain: A short film to rise Storm above the rest

Short Film Rain

It started with a tweet… I noticed a shadowy picture of a woman with a mohawk and instantly clicked out of curiosity. Once I read Maya Glick’s short bio, then clicked the link leading to her work of writing and starring in a short film surrounding my favorite, most unappreciated character in X-Men, I knew the comic book world would be changed for good. As a black female, Ororo Munroe BKA (best known as) Storm has always been the super hero for me to look up to, only she’s mostly played second fiddle and for someone who controls the weather– that seems kind of strange.

On Rain’s Facebook Page  Maya states, “Dissatisfied with Hollywood’s uninspired portrayal of the only “Superhero” who ever meant anything to me, and motivated by the need to create something big – I’ve written a short film about the amazing, uncanny, marvelous Ororo Murnoe (codename: Storm)”.

I get it, I want it and I’m ready to roll! The film is still in early production with the hopes to start filming in November but there’s a Kickstarter coming soon that hopefully will have some really cool prints and posters up for grabs when you pledge. With Maya Glick’s talent and passion for the bad ass that is Storm, we have absolutely no doubts that this film is going to blow us away.

Maya Glick As Storm

Maya Glick As Storm

A Storm is coming and I’m here for it.

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