Noir #1 Comic Book Review

Dynamite Entertainment Noir Issue OneNOIR #1

Written by: Victor Gischler

Illustrated by: Andre Mutti






Deceit, betrayal, and backstabbing, that’s the theme for our adventure here as we see our thief, The Black Sparrow dropping by unannounced to The Shadow’s front door (or rather window) for assistance to a heist that has become more complicated than at first thought. The result: an untrusting alliance that leads to more questions than answers as we uncover the truths behind what was once thought to be just your typical stolen museum artifact, is now a key piece to an even greater treasure that lies ahead.

When Black Sparrow is offered a contract to steal a moonstone from a museum, things couldn’t be easier. I mean seriously, I’m shocked people don’t steal from museums more often. From their highly trained unarmed flashlight guards, to their state of the art, average glass display cases, they’re just begging to be robbed. But, as with all backstabbing thieves, the eye of greed comes into play. And something or rather, someone has our little Sparrow thinking twice about giving the stone to her current employer. And that’s when the real fun begins.

The Art and Panels: While nothing impactful, it does have a solid pace of storytelling. Things don’t really pick up until nightfall, when we get to see our characters in action. Although there were some panels that were questionable for certain scenes, none were as distracting as to take you out of the moment.

Verdict: So far so good. I’m interested in seeing where the story is going from here, especially from its conclusion of the first issue. Coming into the series with fresh eyes and not knowing much of the Black Sparrow or the history she has with the Shadow, leaves me wanting a little bit more from the both of them. I will definitely continue on with the series and possibly any back issue’s of both characters to having a better grasp of them and the world they live in.

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