New Avengers #020 Review


Written By: Jonathan Hickman
Art By: Valerio Schiti


Finally, what we have all been waiting for and the moment they have been dreading: The Illuminati Vs The Great Society! In the mist of this incursion, two earths nearing universal destruction, with failed attempts of peacefully solutions and quick crumbling rational minds, where do we go when no one will budge? Good ol fisticuff!
The Great Society roster of heroes matches up perfectly with Illuminati, in a very familiar JLA/Avengers kind of way. With two illuminati knocked out from previous issue, the battle among the rest of the heroes rages from stalemates to not so surprising outcomes. Tony Stark begins to realize that this may be an incursion they can not stop and when all looks lost, Dr Strange reaches to the depth of his core and pulls a hat trick no one saw coming.

Schiti’s artwork is visually crisp. He shows precise tones and moods through the expressions of these heroes. You can feel the pace of urgency from panel to panel. The Illuminati have gotten off lucky with previous incursions, but the conclusion to this will surely rock them to the core and I’m pretty sure they will come away with new sins and regretful battle scars.

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