Ms. Marvel #4 Review


Written By: Willow Wilson

Art By: Adrian Alphona

Four issues in and Wilson continues to hit her mark. The second Kamala, the new Ms. Marvel, was mysteriously blessed with her new found abilities, she has struggled with her purpose. What has she become? What does she represent? How will she make an impact? In this issue, Wilson has Kamala face her second lesson. When you rush in head first, you potentially set yourself up for failure. Through this failure, Kamala learns to rise and move forward; She comes to realize that everyone has limits, and with the help of her friend, Bruno, she tests the extent of her abilities.
This is also highlights more of a sensitive side between her and her father. In previous issues, he has portrayed this strict patriarchal figure, loud and demanding. But here, he displays a sensitive calmer head with dialogue that reaffirms Kamala’s purpose and identity.
This origin has been a fun paced ride manifested in beautiful art by Alphona. Though at times, faces can come off a little cartoonish. The tone of style encompasses the emotion of Kamala in her growth to heroism.
This is definitely a series you should pick up!

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