We love a snarky Max Brooks: a short interview on Extinction Parade

What inspired you to pen Extinction Parade?

I wanted to tell a story about privilege, or rather, the pitfalls of privilege.  I wanted to talk about how a species (vampires) that has existed at the top of the food chain are bereft of the kind of problem solving, survival skills they will need when zombies begin eating their one food source out from under them.


Did you expect Extinction Parade to be as popular as it is especially with media being saturated with vampire stories?

Damned if I know.  If I knew what was going to be popular, I’d go work on Wall Street. I don’t write what people are going to like. I write what I’m going to like.



Most of your well-known writings are centralized around an apocalypse brought on by a form of undead. Have you ever thought about penning a story surrounding other creatures of the night like werewolves? 


It would depend on what specifically intrigues me about the creature.  Zombies are a great way to explore mega disasters, and vampires are a great way of exploring the dangers of arrogance.  There’d have to be something deeper than just a monster for me to write about it.


Why do you think the comic book and movie industry is so fascinated with zombies?


Again, you’re asking the wrong guy. There are people in this world who understand trends and style and what’s going to be the next hot thing. I am not one of those people.


Realistically, even with all your knowledge on zombie survival, do you think a zombie apocalypse could really happen and are you well prepared just in case?


Those are two separate questions. As far as a zombie outbreak really happening, I have no idea. I will say that if a zombie outbreak did happen, more people would be killed by secondary and tertiary sources (starvation, dehydration, disease, etc.) than by the zombies themselves. Am I ready? Maybe. I’ve grown up in southern California which means I’ve planned, prepared and survived everything from earthquakes to fires, to floods, to riots, to Andy Dick.

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