The Eye of the Storm: An interview with “Rain” star Maya Glick


Martial artist, Spartan Race runner, and a Star Wars geek, these are just some of the many facets of writer and star of the short film Rain, Maya Glick. For so many women, but especially women of color, Storm has stood out as the strong, beautiful woman from Africa who’s talent to control the weather make her one of the most powerful and well known mutants in X-Men. Yet, many of us have always felt that Storm always receives the short end of the stick, more specifically, when it comes to Hollywood. We had a chat with Maya Glick to talk about what fans can expect with the upcoming production of her salute to Storm !

Mohawk Storm

1- I first fell in love with Storm when I picked up a copy from the 80’s when Storm came back from Japan with a mohawk. When was the moment that you knew, Storm was your favorite “superhero”?

When I was a kid I was pretty isolated.  I was one of like 3 black kids at my elementary school for one thing, during a time when even adults had no shame openly showing their disgust toward a little girl for having brown skin.  On top of that I was put in school a year early, so not only was I a sore thumb but I was always smaller than everybody else.  I was a very easy target so I was picked on and messed with a lot at school.  And I am younger than my other siblings by about 10 years, so I was the baby…and I got picked on a lot at home as well.   My main form of escapism for most of that time was Star Wars, but I still never really got to see myself in that universe.  Even in a galaxy far far away- everybody was white…and male.
Then one day I was in a mall walking past the arcade part of a movie theater when something amazing caught my attention.  There was an X-Men video game, and the entire side of the game was an image of this bad-ass looking black woman with light for eyes and a mohawk.   My mind was permanently blown.  It was like having a vision from the future or something!  Just seeing that artwork alone changed my perspective about my place in the world.  Art is very powerful that way- even and especially comic book art for a lot of people. This creature wasn’t just a superhero but a leather wearing warrior bad-ass.  I decided right then that whoever that chick was on the side of that game, I was going to somehow grow up and BE her!

2- What can fans expect from Rain? Should we look forward to a “purist” film, staying completely true to comic book Storm or will we see a touch of your own story telling skills?

Oh this will not be very purist at all.   It is entirely “fan fiction”.  I mean, I think people are going to be quite satisfied with the situations she has to deal with and the way she handles and expresses herself.  She will be recognizable as the character we all love, but the story is mine.   It’s a short, so what there is of a story is pretty condensed, and mostly visual… hard to explain without giving too much away.   But I can say that there will be elements of  Storm that people should be excited to see brought to life.  For instance you’re going to get to see her being a bit of a thief… out of necessity of course.

Maya Glick's Short Film Rain

3- On Rain’s Facebook page  you’ve stated ” Dissatisfied with Hollywood’s uninspired portrayal of the only “Superhero” who ever meant anything to me, and motivated by the need to create something big…” What about Hollywood’s portrayal of Storm bothers you most?

Just that she came across as so… I dunno… MILD.  Nothing against Halle Berry personally.  It’s easy for people, including myself, to take it out on her because she’s the one we see.  But  she just seemed like such a passive girlie girl.   Perfect example:  there’s a scene in the first movie where the bad guy Senator who got zapped by Magneto ends up melting into water in front of Storm.  She is terrified and  runs helplessly away like a scared chicken.  Storm can kill you with f–ing lightning.  Or her fists.  Or a knife.  She once killed a bad guy by taking the wind out of his lungs.  That is kinda messed up.  Storm has lived a hardcore life and she’s seen some shit.   She is not going to get spooked to tears by water.  HER NAME IS STORM!  She IS the water that makes OTHER people  get spooked and run away like pansies!  I want Storm to be more of a warrior bad-ass.  I want to know she’s got a dark side.  The kind of woman that you just look at her and even when she is being kind and cool-tempered, you just know she could mess you up if she needed to.  I need my Storm to look like she can take on the bad guys alone if she has to.  Not a softie in a horrible barbie wig.

4- I’ve noticed that you have some background in martial arts. Please tell me that you plan to have some sick fight scenes in Rain utilizing those skills!

Oh that is guaranteed!  That’s one of the “purist” elements that you will see.   Even without her powers, Storm could always kick serious ass.   Martial arts is a huge part of my life.   Elite Martial Arts here in Austin, where I train, is responsible for saving and redirecting my life after a major tragedy a couple years ago.  That’s the place that taught me to become my own superhero, which is literally what is happening with this film.
Also, a couple people from my dojo are going to be enlisted to help with the fight scenes… so yes- there will much ass kicking.  Particularly excited about that.

5- When writing the script for Rain, was it hard for you to come up with a script that would be unique in perspective but still please the geek masses?

Not really.  I originally wrote it for myself, so I just let it flow without impeding the creative process worrying what other people would think.  But I think that the characteristics of Storm that I have been dying to see are the same as what a lot of other people are looking for, so it should end up feeling right to other Storm fans. People do need to keep in mind that this is a short.  There is a longer version I’d love to be able to produce one day, but for now this is basically an introduction.  There’s a really cool Wonder Woman fan film that’s been circulating recently.  There’s no storyline in that one, per se, but you get a beautiful depiction of the character… and you get to see her kick ass.  This will be similar in that it’s not meant to to be a whole film or full story, but an appetizer for one.  My film will be longer than the Wonder Woman piece with a bit more of a storyline, but still short.

6- Ororo Munroe is from Africa, yet, we’ve never had a film portraying her African roots let alone an “African” accent. Will Rain’s Storm employ said accent and will there be a reference to her nationality?

There isn’t a whole lot of dialogue but I did consider giving her an accent.  I just don’t want to get it wrong and end up making her sound silly.  You’ll know by the way she speaks that she’s from somewhere else, and of course on a black woman that tends to read as African.  People tend to think I’m from Africa as it is simply because I don’t have an accent at all.  When I lived in New York, even other Africans would ask me where I was from in Africa… and I’d say, “Texas” – much to everyone’s confusion….

Rain: A Short film about Storm

I’m slightly fan-girling here, but Maya Glick in my eyes, is simply the most perfect “Storm” ever.

8- You’ve already revealed that there will be a Rain Kickstarter. Can you tell us what pledging tiers , fans should look out for? Personally I would love some prints featuring Storm with lightning and knives and even the picture with Storm shaving the sides of her head…
I’m in the process of working that out right now.  The account takes a few days to be approved and finalized, and during that time I will be figuring out what to offer.   Definitely prints and posters! Should be levels between $5 and $100, something like that.

9- Now that Rain has been picking up steam in the geek world by being mentioned on Son of Baldwin, Boomtube Comics, Legendarium and now on What’s Fit To Print, how are you taking it? Does it feel like you now have more pressure to produce a great film or are you handling it with ease?

All the attention has been awesome but, yes, a little startling sometimes because I didn’t expect it so quickly!   And it does add pressure to make something truly beautiful, powerful, and timeless but that’s what I wanted to do anyway so it’s a good kind of pressure!  It’s definitely making me want to get it rolling sooner than later.  I haven’t had a big creative project to sink my soul into for a long, long time so I am loving this experience more than I can explain for a lot of reasons, so it’s awesome to have all that support around me going “DO IT! DO IT!”
I’m so very grateful for the support and interest that people like yourself have shown.

10- We have absolute faith that Rain will surpass it’s Kickstarter funding goal. Pending the funds, when should we expect a finished film?

If all goes according to plan,  in a perfect world I’d love for the whole thing to be wrapped up with a bow on it by Christmas… but I know that’s going to sneak up on me fast so it may be later than that.  In the meantime I will continue to share images and behind the scenes type stuff.
I have to say again how grateful I am to writers like you for helping me generate excitement and get the word out.  It means the world to me! Thank you!




3 comments for “The Eye of the Storm: An interview with “Rain” star Maya Glick

  1. October 31, 2013 at 5:37 PM

    This sounds pretty good. I will be looking forward to watching “Rain”. The way she is portrayed in the X-men movies is horrible. It already sounds like this version of Storm will be better.

    • head zombie in charge
      November 1, 2013 at 9:18 AM

      I know right? I’m so happy that Maya stepped up to the plate to make a movie that really grasps Storm’s personality! I wish I had the talent!

  2. Jae
    July 26, 2014 at 11:57 AM

    Horrible barbie wig? That’s ironic considering the one that she is wearing in the mug shot looks exactly like the same wig from part 2 of the x-men films.
    Also the Mohawk wig is not the best either… you can see her real hair of the sides.

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