Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #1 “New Rules” Review

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 #1

Gosh, I haven’t read anything Buffy in years, so I took a chance to start anew with the 10th season. Lo and behold, the name of the next few issues is called “New Rules” and as we already know, Buffy never follows rules to the “T” and when she does, it’s always on her terms. New Rules part 1 brought out the teenaged Buffy fan in me! Here I was concerned that perhaps none of the Buffy charm transferred to the comic series since the show ended… well Joss Whedon forgive me — oh boy am I impressed! The same snarky humor Buffy is known for was right in the first few pages! Worries over.

Apparently I’ve missed some pretty wild events like the creation of “Zompires” you guessed it– a zombie/vampire hybrid, Buffy unleashing magic once again to stop people from “magic shaming” and this new magic is kind of weird to handle. Almost all of our favorites are here like Willow, Spike and Dawn to help along with this temporary truce with vampires to get rid of the last of the zompires. But what concerns Buffy is what will happen after zompires are gone; she is now fighting side by side with vampires that she doesn’t want to become attached to because she already knows that once everything is taken care of, she’s back to being a Slayer and they have to die if they pose a threat. there’s so much literal interracial conflict and complications like Buffy finally getting things right with Spike, Xander and Dawn hooking up and now everything is awkward do to a tough decision to save Dawn and now Xander has been having hallucinations of his dead demon ex fiance Anya on how to fix things — just everything is screwed up and it makes me want to pick up the trades so I can understand how when and why everything happened.

Then back to the truce between Slayers and vampires, of course once the Sun rises, we expect for vampires in undead baddies to schlep back into the shadows, but this time– not only are they invulnerable to the sun’s rays what it looks like the basic slaying tool: the wooden stake, isn’t enough to take down what Buffy once thought she knew like the back of her hand! Oh… and they can grow bat wings and fly. I shit you not. These new vamps are either doped up on some of this new magic or some serious evolution happened over the last couple of seasons but whatever it is, just brought in the cavalry! Buffy fans– you need to pick this up! Everyone that was a fan of the show, still watches re-runs until this very day as if they were knew, but if you’re interested in what happens after Buffy and the gang unleashes the Slayer’s gifts to all the potential slayers around the world, this issue is a great start, though I’m fairly certain, that like me, you’ll be so taken aback by nostalgia, you’ll pick up the previous seasons as well!

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